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Add rel-me to profile links

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Add (XFN) to "Website URL", "GitHub URL" and " Find me on:" Links.

With this it is possible to easier use the WordPress Profile page with several IndieWeb ( services and to verify the Profile on Mastodon:

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#1 @Otto42
18 months ago

  • Component changed from Site to Profiles

#2 @dshanske
18 months ago

I heartily concur.

#3 @mbootsman
17 months ago

Happy to see this coming to show that WordPress is embracing not only Mastodon, but even more Indieweb services.

#4 @Otto42
17 months ago


TL;DR: The "find me on" links are generated by javascript, at present. Thus, mastodon is unable to see them. Changing this is more complicated than simply adding rel=me to them.

#5 @pfefferle
17 months ago

Thanks for the info, but maybe we can start with the GitHub and Website URL?

I would love to submit a diff, if you can point me to the correct place in the SVN.

#6 @pfefferle
17 months ago

Oh, I just saw that the "Website URL" is a redirect URL, so that is also a bit tricky :(

#7 @KZeni
13 months ago

It was great to see GitHub's profile links apply rel="me" which then added Mastodon support a while back, and I've been hoping something similar would happen with the profile links to help confirm the connection between the various profiles.

It's a bit of a bummer to see this has been kicking around for almost half a year now, and the fact that there has been more time of inactivity since this was last mentioned than there was activity when this was originally being discussed (when it would still be a great thing to implement.)

I do understand the items brought up by pointing out how these links are from Gravatar and Gravatar uses JSON for supplying those details so it's currently just being displayed these using JavaScript rather than what would actually be needed for this (such as parsing/caching of this Gravatar JSON data server-side to then be output directly on the page [rather than relying on JavaScript that's likely overlooked by anything checking for rel="me" links] or having it where those are fields within the profile that don't rely on Gravatar to provide those links.)

I'm thinking that keeping the Gravatar setup & making those links be pulled (from Gravatar), parsed, cached, and output server-side is the better option, but let me know if I'm forgetting any other possible approaches for this.

#8 follow-up: @dd32
13 months ago

Add (XFN) to ... "GitHub URL"

It's now present on the GitHub link. The others as noted, are not really easily doable.

#9 in reply to: ↑ 8 ; follow-up: @mbootsman
13 months ago

/me singing: "Nobody said it was easy.."

On a serious note, can we start thinking about how we can solve this, maybe pulling out the JS code and making it more flexible that way? In the future other services might use the "rel=me" microformat and I think it would be good if our .org profile pages are ready to support that.

Replying to dd32:

Add (XFN) to ... "GitHub URL"

It's now present on the GitHub link. The others as noted, are not really easily doable.

#10 in reply to: ↑ 9 @dd32
13 months ago

Replying to mbootsman:

On a serious note, can we start thinking about how we can solve this

In all honesty, I don't think this is going to be fixed in any way that actually is useful.

We could work with the Gravatar folk to add a JS callback, or we can probably add a JS callback that watches for elements added into that Div, and attach the rel to it at that point.. BUT this has almost zero benefit, as any client is not going to be rendering Javascript IMHO.

We're not going to sync all Gravatar data for profiles over to, there's just too many user accounts to make that worthwhile.

I forgot that we even have this functionality honestly, as it's blocked in my browser.

If I was to add the rel=me via JS, it'd probably satisfy most people, and they'd never notice it isn't actually useful...

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