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#WP20 From Blogs to Blocks: Unique Badge Event

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It would be engaging and fun to have a commemorative badge for participating in #WP20 From Blogs to Blocks campaign on This would encourage participation and be a fun way to commemorate #WP20 forever. The process could be used for future WordPress anniversaries, projects (e.g. do_action hackathons), or events (regional WordCamps), on the theory that badges increase community participation, strengthen contributor community, and create unique opportunities. Currently, there is no official way to demonstrate participation (in #WP20 or other events), so this could also provide an opportunity for increased contribution in community events and initiatives.

There are no current means or methods for granting non-team badges to dot-org contributors. Additionally, it's not easy to create one-off badges assigned to people and have it done in a way that supports future maintainability.

There are many avenues possible for badge assignment. One proposed solution is to create a pseudo-team for commemorative badges, perhaps called “Unique Participation”, that has an existing process. We can retroactively identify participation via existing commenting data and timestamps. If we run into issues on implementation, the fallback can be activity log entries.

The badges should be fully inclusive and open to many forms of participation, including code, design, and photography, in order to ensure the badge is not exclusionary to those who do not want to express their thoughts in a prescribed format. Other methods of reflection can be encouraged, such as abstract art, videography, audiography, and other expression form such as We can expand the definition of participation as necessary as other methods are identified.

By default, this might set a precedent of the community wanting badges for more things outside of the existing team badge structure. That could be mitigated by undertaking the project as a single occurrence, proof-of-concept experiment, observing its impact on the desired results to see if the badge process helped or hindered the goals of awareness and participation.

We do not need to have badges on profiles on May 27th, but it can be a promised badge so that the technical implementation doesn’t need to be rushed. If the proposed “Unique Participation” team concept works, that can be implemented with existing processes. If the process is determined not to work, the “Unique Participation” team can be sunsetted.

In discussing this idea casually amongst friends made throughout the WordPress project, all are in agreement that this would only help the community reflect and re-engage after the challenging years we’ve had. It’s worth exploring the logistical issues and technical barriers, and resolving to facilitate the community that makes WordPress unique, if the community believes this is of value.

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#2 @meaganhanes
5 months ago

  • Keywords 2nd-opinion needs-design-feedback needs-copy-review has-screenshots added

Here are our initial first thoughts for what this badge could look like, left as a sketch for us all to collaborate on:

This builds on the design system and branding used for the WP20 celebrations seen here:

This proposed badge features the triple ringed "20" with our iconic W in the zero, and encompassing flavour text. Currently the flavour text reads:

Top Text: "#WP20"
Bottom Text: "ex bloggum ad obstruit" a temporary pseudo-latin string in the style of a sponsor's coin given at the inaugural WordPress US 2015

We envision two versions of this badge: one for participants who engage at least one time, and one for participants who complete a full 20 out of 20. We discussed implementing badges for each level and feel that such granularity and competitive spirit is not in line with this moment of reflection, but that a digital badge to commemorate blogging/journalling/reflection is very much in line with the nature of the WordPress project itself.

Open to feedback on how to make this design better! A refined version will be prepared starting on Tuesday.

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#4 @tobifjellner
5 months ago

If we decide to do this, then we could try to, at the same time, solve another problem:
It would be great if we could somehow have badges for "past contribution".
(Some of my thoughts are expressed in ) but when a previous GTE (or other significant contributor) for any reason needs to step down, it would be great to have some kind of recognition still visible in the profile.

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#5 @cavalierlife
4 months ago

I'm thinking it might be useful to have a standard badge that is used as the background or default badge for all events and participants. Then each unique event would have text or graphic or both applied on top of the standard badge. That might make it easier to quickly create new badges and have a thread running through them all. Similar to how Wapuu is often seen with just the ball changing, but Wapuu itself is basically the same. So if we're looking at the sketch above, the circle and its background design would be the same for every event, but in this case the 20 would be added on top - maybe in a blank space reserved in the center. Each subsequent event would have something else in the blank space but the surrounding design would remain the same.

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4 months ago

#7 @nomadskateboarding
4 months ago

I'm in favor of both badges proposed for the WP20 From Blogs to Blocks Campaign, single contribution and a completioninst badge.

I feel the idea of giving badges as a way to encourage engagement is a solid one. As @tobifjellner and @meaganhanes mentioned, retroactively giving participation badges is an avenue I would support exploring as well.

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