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Proposal to Update WordPress Playground URLs and Content

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🎯 Objective

The aim is to realign the content and URLs of WordPress Playground to make it more intuitive and beneficial for users by redirecting the existing to and repurposing to house the current content of The proposed changes will offer a more logical structuring and accessibility to the Playground content for both new and experienced WordPress developers.

Proposal Details

  1. URL Realignment:
    • Redirect to
    • Create a new page at to house the current content of
  1. Content Migration:
    • Migrate the existing content from to
    • Ensure all links are updated to point to the new URL to prevent 404 errors.
    • Test to ensure that all content and links function as expected post-migration.
  1. Navigation Update:
    • Include a new link to from the primary navigation menu.
    • Ensure the link is appropriately labeled to indicate the content users can expect to find on the Playground page.
  1. Communications:
    • Inform the WordPress community about the change via the appropriate channels, including the blog and the Developer Resources blog.
    • Update any documentation that references the old URL.

🔍 Impact Analysis

  • SEO: There could be some initial SEO implications due to the URL change, but with proper redirects and communications, any negative impact should be mitigated.
  • Community Feedback: Engage with the community to gather feedback on the proposed changes to ensure they align with user expectations and needs.
  • Maintenance: Assess the maintenance implications, ensuring the WordPress team has the resources to manage the updated URL structure and content.

📅 Phases

  • Phase 1: Technical Assessment and Community Feedback
  • Phase 2: Content Migration and URL Redirects Implementation
  • Phase 3: Navigation Update and Communications
  • Phase 4: Monitoring and Final Adjustments

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#1 @courane01
7 months ago

A few user stories to clarify:

User Stories

As a WordPress developer,
I want straightforward access to developer resources when navigating to documentation URLs,
So that I can efficiently find the information I need to enhance my projects.

🌐 Scenario: Seeking Developer Documentation

Given I am a developer looking for documentation and resources,
When I navigate to,
Then I expect to find developer documentation and resources directly relevant to my needs.

🔄 Scenario: Encountering WordPress Playground Description

Given I am directed to a landing page describing what WordPress Playground is,
When I am searching for developer documentation,
Then I feel it hinders my journey to finding the necessary resources quickly,
And The Playground description would be better suited at a more general URL.

🔄 Scenario: Redirecting to Top Level for WordPress Playground Introduction

Given the general introductory nature of the content currently at,
When I think of where to find such introductory information,
Then I expect it to be located at a top-level domain such as,
And I would appreciate a direct link from the main navigation menu to discover what WordPress Playground is all about easily.

🔄 Scenario: Accessing Developer Documentation

Given the proposal to realign the URLs and content,
When I now navigate to,
Then I am redirected to a page with active developer resources and documentation,
And my experience aligns with my expectations as a developer seeking technical information.

🎉 Scenario: Improved Navigation and Logical Content Placement

Given the proposed URL and content realignment,
When I navigate through the WordPress domains,
Then I find a logical, intuitive structure that guides me to the right resources,
And I appreciate the enhanced user experience that saves me time and aligns with my goals as a developer,
So that I am encouraged to explore, learn, and contribute more within the WordPress community.

#3 @ninianepress
7 months ago

These are great points. I support these changes.

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