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Theme directory enhancements

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Great job on the theme directory so far - just have a couple of suggestions.

Total downloads

  1. Any chance we can move the downloads up to be more prominent? For some of us, the amount of downloads is a kind of badge of honor. As it is right now, the total download count is hidden away at the bottom.


It would be great if it was inside the "theme-head" element, so users on mobile see it near the top as well.

Support thread count

It would also be great to bring back the x out of x support threads answered in the past 30 days. Again, some of us work super hard to stay up to date on our support threads, and use it as another badge of honor. I want users to see right away that I'm there for them if they need help. It also shows me that there's unanswered threads without having to go into the support area.

Downloads today

I would love to be able to see how many downloads I've had today again - it helps me gauge how the day is going, and if my advertising is working.

Neeed help?

Is the extra e in there intentional?

Thanks again for all your work, and if you need help with any of this I'm more than happy to lend a hand or two.

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#1 @obenland
9 years ago

In 1348: Themes: Remove extra e.

See #907.

#2 @obenland
9 years ago

Related: #903.

#3 @obenland
9 years ago

Support thread count and daily downloads are not part of the Themes API (yet).

I'm not opposed to adding them, on the contrary, but I wonder if it would make more sense to wait with that until we have the REST API and a v2 of the dotorg APIs based on that.

#4 @edge22
9 years ago

If there's not an easy, temporary solution for those, then waiting for v2 of the API isn't a huge issue, it's just hard not knowing what your download count is at for the day. Maybe I look more than others haha

#5 @edge22
9 years ago

Would leaving the stats page as it was be do-able like you have the reviews and support pages? Then remove it once we're able to show more info with the new API?

That way we could wait for the new API but still have the necessary stats to track how our themes are doing. I feel a little left in the dark right now as is.

Just a late night thought :)

#6 @obenland
9 years ago

I feel a little left in the dark right now as is

I'm not sure I understand, the download graph is made of daily download stats. You can hover over each day and it tells you how many downloads you had that day. How does an extra line with a number of yesterday's downloads improve that?

There is also the API endpoint that that graph uses, that will tell you your daily stats:

#7 @edge22
9 years ago

Thanks for pointing me to that API - super helpful :)

As of right now, the graph shows downloads up to the 26th, which isn't bad, but still doesn't tell you how many you had yesterday/today.

Not a huge deal, but hopefully it's planned to bring back more stats at some point.


#8 @Otto42
9 years ago

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Sorry, but we don't provide real-time data as yet. The download counter system for plugins and themes works on a 1-2 day delay, and it always has. That's not changing right now.

#9 @edge22
9 years ago

Sounds good.

Hopefully my first point (more prominent download count) is being considered.


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