22:32 Ticket #2907 (Tagregator: Instagram items not getting pulled) closed by coreymckrill
fixed: @xkon I took your patch and made a few modifications before committing …
18:45 Ticket #3327 (Searching with exact plugin name has it on page 3 of results) created by garrett-eclipse
Hello, I was trying to install the Revision Control plugin through …
10:33 Ticket #3326 (Change Codex link in getting started page to theme developer handbook) created by rabmalin For Theme Developer …
04:49 Ticket #3324 (Plugins to add to make/tide) closed by dd32
fixed: > [ ] add Gutenberg plugin Activated. > [ ] add [time] shortcode …
04:43 Ticket #3325 (Add make/tide to created by jbpaul17
Please add a section for Tide on Title: …
04:39 Ticket #3323 (Add handbooks to make/tide) closed by dd32
fixed: Plugins Activated, I believe you should have access already.
04:38 Ticket #3324 (Plugins to add to make/tide) created by jbpaul17
The following functionality available on make/core appears to be …
04:24 Ticket #3323 (Add handbooks to make/tide) created by jbpaul17
The new site is missing the Handbooks CPT. So …


20:57 Changeset [6259] by coffee2code Move explanation content retrieval into new …
20:45 Ticket #3292 (GitHub documentation sync creates HTML entities) closed by coffee2code
fixed: In 6258: […]
20:45 Changeset [6258] by coffee2code Set global post object to explanation post …
20:13 Ticket #3322 (Space required after WHILE and closing parenthesis in wporg-support ...) created by chetan200891
There is error regarding required space after WHILE and closing …
18:01 Ticket #3321 (Remove active duplicates from Events API) created by iandunn
This is related to #2720 and #3027, but distinct. There are cases …
17:14 Ticket #3308 (Proper description was not written in documentation of wporg theme's ...) closed by obenland
fixed: In 6257: […]
17:14 Changeset [6257] by obenland
WPorg: Improve search page file description. Props ronakganatra. …
07:51 Changeset [6256] by drewapicture
Grant announce to @atimmer and @johnbillion for #core-docs.
07:43 Changeset [6255] by dd32
Trac: Bump scripts version after r6253 See #3317.
07:42 Changeset [6254] by pento
Core Trac: Add atimmer as a Docs Committer
07:42 Ticket #3320 (Install the latest Node.js 8.x LTS release on the "build" server) created by netweb
With WordPress 5.0 release focused on Gutenberg, Gutenberg requires …
07:41 Ticket #3317 (Add new `coding-standards` focus to core Trac) closed by dd32
fixed: In 6253: […]
07:41 Changeset [6253] by dd32
Trac: Add a coding-standards focus to …


15:17 Ticket #1412 (Rosetta: Display the latest post excerpt on the front page) closed by obenland
14:52 Ticket #3319 (Auto-generate anchor links to FAQ topic) created by helgatheviking
Currently you have to tell a user to find the XYZ question in your FAQ …


23:50 Ticket #3318 (Change two sentences on created by IkusiMakusi
I propose to change this two sentences in the homepage …
23:27 Ticket #3317 (Add new `coding-standards` focus to core Trac) created by netweb


17:42 Changeset [6252] by obenland
Plugins: Restore some formatting changes See #3310.
17:37 Ticket #3310 (Cleanup of plugin-single.php and related code) closed by obenland
fixed: In 6251: […]
17:37 Changeset [6251] by obenland
Plugins: Simplify template logic. Moves most of the logic into …
17:33 Changeset [6250] by obenland
Plugins: Don't show banner for closed plugins. See #3310.


23:15 Changeset [6249] by tellyworth
Plugin directory: add active install growth chart to advanced view. …
23:12 Ticket #3185 (Translation of the site closed by obenland
worksforme: Localized sites are not an exact replica of the main …
23:09 Ticket #399 (Safari: when typing a comment, screen flashes and jumps to a higher ...) closed by obenland
worksforme: I'm unable to reproduce it in Safari 11.0.1. There is a slight jump …
23:02 Changeset [6248] by obenland
WPorg: Bump cache.
22:57 Changeset [6247] by obenland
Main: Remove fixed width. Breaks layout on mobie and seems generally …
22:48 Ticket #2896 (Community Section on page) closed by obenland
fixed: In 6246: […]
22:48 Changeset [6246] by obenland
Main: Add community engagement CTA Adds a button link leading to the …
22:03 Changeset [6245] by tellyworth
Plugin directory: add JS for active install growth chart. Also add a …
21:27 Ticket #3316 (Confusing calls to action on main Download WordPress page) created by bamadesigner
Almost every time I’m on the [Download …
20:31 Ticket #3315 (Footer links are needed for Rosetta sites.) created by chanthaboune
Rosetta sites currently have no footer links, primarily because the …
19:33 Ticket #3018 (Footer Text Letter Space Issue on Urdu WordPress) closed by obenland
fixed: Thanks for bringing this up @burhandodhy. I hacked my way into the …
19:30 Ticket #2997 (Broken preview for Busiprof theme) closed by coffee2code
fixed: Fixed. The theme preview is currently requesting the properly named …
19:26 Ticket #2911 (Language packs missing for Twenty Eleven) closed by coffee2code
fixed: The pre-2.6 language packs for Twenty Eleven are available once again.
18:44 Ticket #990 (Add hreflang tags to and local homepages) closed by joostdevalk
worksforme: Yes!
18:34 Ticket #2769 (Header menu is not displayed on Rosetta sites without a custom menu) closed by obenland
fixed: This appears to have been fixed with the switch to wporg-main.
18:30 Ticket #1099 (about page template with left sidebar for child pages) closed by obenland
maybelater: As far as I'm aware of, there are currently no plans to make the blog …
18:22 Ticket #3248 (Responsive/mobile: remove floats on alignright and alignleft classes ...) closed by obenland
fixed: In 6244: […]
18:22 Changeset [6244] by obenland
Main: Center aligned elements on small screens Avoids awkward text …
17:03 Ticket #3260 (Add the 2017 survey banner to Rosetta sites) closed by obenland
maybelater: We're past WCUS, let's make sure that happens next time it's added to …


19:49 Ticket #3305 (Plugin Directory: Change where plugin display name is 'pulled') closed by joostdevalk
worksforme: We fixed this in our fix for #2627.
18:23 Changeset [6243] by obenland
Main: Bump cache.
18:16 Ticket #3304 (Links in the profile content should be underlined) closed by Otto42
fixed: Fixed in [dotorg-13675].
18:13 Changeset [6242] by obenland
Main: Account for recent global style changes. H/t khoipro. See …
17:54 Changeset [6241] by obenland
Plugins: Bump cache. See [6240].
17:41 Changeset [6240] by obenland
Plugins: Use default table styles. Removes plugin-specific table …
17:19 Changeset [6239] by obenland
Plugins: Add missing Sass files. See [6231].
16:36 Changeset [6238] by Otto42
Plugins: Bump version for cachebust
16:31 Ticket #3312 (Download history stats table alignment) closed by Otto42
fixed: In 6237: […]
16:31 Changeset [6237] by Otto42
Plugin Directory: Add padding to the columns on the advanced screen. …


22:01 Ticket #3314 (Documentation: Apostrophes in source code escaped) created by strarsis
The source code on some documentation pages (like …
15:26 Ticket #3313 (Change get_oembed_response_data to apply filters to title) closed by Otto42
invalid: If you're talking about modifying part of WordPress itself, then you …
15:09 Changeset [6236] by ocean90
Slack: Add #tide and give jeffpaul, lukecarbis, and valendesigns announce.
13:36 Ticket #3313 (Change get_oembed_response_data to apply filters to title) created by mheikkila
The function get_oembed_response_data in wp-includes/embed.php outputs …
08:53 Ticket #3312 (Download history stats table alignment) created by danieltj
From a recent update the download stats in the advanced view of the …
02:23 Ticket #3192 (Provide an API endpoint to fetch plugin checksums) closed by dd32
fixed: Looks like the job finished over the weekend. If any plugin don't …
02:22 Changeset [6235] by dd32
Plugin Directory: add use Exception to a bin script, if the plugin …
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