21:56 Ticket #4792 (Style improvement for WP profile data) closed by coffee2code
fixed: Fixed in [17421-dotorg]: > Profiles: Allow longer user meta values to …
05:31 Ticket #5762 (Remove link to Mark Riley's site) closed by dufresnesteven
fixed: In 11017: […]
05:31 Changeset [11017] by dufresnesteven
Main Theme: Remove dead external website link from 40 milestone page. …
05:00 Changeset [11016] by dufresnesteven
Main Theme: Extend stats table full width for readability. See #4891
01:36 Changeset [11015] by dd32
Translate: Custom GlotPress Warnings: Add support for WordPress's %l


15:24 Changeset [11014] by ocean90
Translate: Bump CSS versions for cache bust.
15:12 Ticket #5317 (Language Pack generation: not triggered when tag is created before it ...) closed by ocean90
fixed: In 11013: […]
15:12 Changeset [11013] by ocean90
Plugin Directory: Run the I18N import for the stable tag if only the …
14:55 Ticket #4969 (Design issue in Mobile device on closed by ocean90
worksforme: This is ticket touches too many components but I think everything has …
14:49 Ticket #5742 (Glossary term tooltip display issue) closed by ocean90
fixed: In 11012: […]
14:49 Changeset [11012] by ocean90
Translate: Increase z-index of tooltips to make them always visible. …
14:42 Ticket #5761 (Better responsive styles for closed by ocean90
fixed: In 11011: […]
14:42 Changeset [11011] by ocean90
Translate: Improve styles of various elements on smaller screens. …
13:25 Ticket #5739 (If a GTE gives a translator the PTE roll, then the message sent does ...) closed by ocean90
fixed: In 11010: […]
13:25 Changeset [11010] by ocean90
Rosetta Roles: Include the username of who has granted access in the …


11:29 Ticket #5767 (Show plural version also in original string) created by NekoJonez
Currently, the original string shows the original singular version of …


20:43 Changeset [11009] by ryelle
Plugin Directory: Add a script to count up all blocks.
19:18 Changeset [11008] by ryelle
Pattern Directory: Sync with git …
12:18 Ticket #5766 (Trackbacks and pingbacks should be deleted from news posts) closed by Otto42
fixed: Pingbacks hidden as a temporary measure until they can be either …
11:10 Ticket #5766 (Trackbacks and pingbacks should be deleted from news posts) created by jonoaldersonwp
Pages like
09:28 Ticket #5765 (Don't load the theme filters interface on individual theme pages) created by jonoaldersonwp
Individual theme pages, like, …
08:32 Ticket #3844 (Circular reference in plugin SVN) closed by dd32
fixed: Replying to Andrea Gelmini: > Replying to [comment:4


06:36 Ticket #4891 (Accessibility: Display stats tables on /about/stats/) closed by dd32
fixed: In 11007: […]
06:36 Changeset [11007] by dd32
Main theme: Stats page: Allow changing the displayed pie chart into a …
02:21 Ticket #5750 (Add custom feed to show untagged posts) closed by dd32
fixed: In 11006: […]
02:21 Changeset [11006] by dd32
Make: Add a plugin that generates a feed of all untagged posts. Props …


21:25 Ticket #5764 (User Registration: Log more data as comment when user is banned) created by Ipstenu
Going through …
21:17 Ticket #5733 (Plugin Directory: Prevent plugins that are official plugins ...) closed by Ipstenu
duplicate: Oh I'm silly and I made this ticket before #5654
20:49 Ticket #5763 (Localize <title> tag for 40% page on Rosetta sites) created by vladytimy
The title tag on 40% page is not translated on Rosetta sites, even if …
01:41 Changeset [11005] by dd32
Login: Fix the post-block-user redirect link. Fixes a PHP Notice and …


20:22 Changeset [11004] by coreymckrill
Slack: Give zackkrida announce capes in openverse channel
18:25 Ticket #5762 (Remove link to Mark Riley's site) created by chanthaboune
In the 2005 segment of the 40 milestones page …
06:21 Ticket #5761 (Better responsive styles for created by sumitsingh
Hi, I am translating WP using mobile devices.and I have founded some …
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