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Sort event videos by event date instead of upload date

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A small but significant problem with lists of video posts sitewide on is the default usage of the publish date. This does an ok job of ordering content chronologically but the truly accurate and helpful sorting factor would be the date the actual event took place.

When events conclude and video has been captured, the amount of time it takes for the content to be submitted to varies greatly. It could be as little as a few days to sometimes more than a year. It depends entirely on the volunteers getting around to producing and submitting the content and then moderators approving them. This means that on the site there are many videos showing up higher in results that appear to users to be chronological, though they are actually much older.

The solution requires two things:

  1. Getting the event date. Currently we don't ask video submitters for the event date and don't natively have the data. The only options I can think of are begin asking for it and add a new field for the date OR connect to and retrieve the event date remotely.
  2. Identify which archives require modification to the query and then implement. There are categories of videos that are not from events and therefore don't need to be changed.

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#1 @jenmylo
8 years ago

Not all videos have to be linked to an event -- in the nearish future there will be a bunch of screencast tutorials (and there are some already, though admittedly hardly any compared to WC videos), so having a by-date option (along with any other by-x options) should be available via a filter in the UI.

#2 @BrashRebel
8 years ago

You're completely right. We certainly do want to incorporate user facing filters for narrowing search results and date will most definitely need to be one of those filters.

Now that I think about this more, I wonder whether a solution for this may simply be for the moderators to set the published date manually to the event date when applicable. Then we'll still be using the existing ordering argument and don't have to handle events and non-events differently. All we'd need to do is train moderators and amend some of our docs as well as possibly going through existing content to manipulate the published date.

How's that sound @jenmylo ?

#3 @Xtraboy
8 years ago

We can rework all the existing videos with the right date of the event, i can start today :) But before this we need to change the permalinks and make them without a data, or only with the year in front of the slug.

#4 @BrashRebel
8 years ago

Thanks @Xtraboy ! Personally I'd love to get input from a few more people before we made such changes but I do believe this approach could be the simplest and most complete solution.

#5 @obenland
6 years ago

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I'm not sure how well our time would be spent by going back through all videos and adding event dates. But going forward this could be done by providing an event date field in the submission page and setting the publish date of the resulting post to that date

#6 @dd32
3 years ago

In 10467: Add a Date Recoded field for more complete video details.

See #5512, #1442.

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