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Automatic translation downloads grabbing wrong version for BuddyPress

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See for some background.

Some BuddyPress users whose translations are being downloaded via automatic upgrades are getting out-of-date translations. appears to be telling them that 1.8 is the most recent available pot file. I'm testing this with pt_BR, but it also appears to be true at least of de_DE.

Some data (dumped out of wp_update_plugins()):

'plugins' payload sent to API:

array (size=2)
  'plugins' => 
    array (size=2)
      'buddypress/bp-loader.php' => 
        array (size=11)
          'Name' => string 'BuddyPress' (length=10)
          'PluginURI' => string '' (length=21)
          'Version' => string '2.0.1' (length=5)
          'Description' => string 'Social networking in a box. Build a social network for your company, school, sports team or niche community all based on the power and flexibility of WordPress.' (length=160)
          'Author' => string 'The BuddyPress Community' (length=24)
          'AuthorURI' => string '' (length=40)
          'TextDomain' => string 'buddypress' (length=10)
          'DomainPath' => string '/bp-languages/' (length=14)
          'Network' => boolean false
          'Title' => string 'BuddyPress' (length=10)
          'AuthorName' => string 'The BuddyPress Community' (length=24)
      'hello.php' => 
        array (size=11)
          'Name' => string 'Hello Dolly' (length=11)
          'PluginURI' => string '' (length=41)
          'Version' => string '1.6' (length=3)
          'Description' => string 'This is not just a plugin, it symbolizes the hope and enthusiasm of an entire generation summed up in two words sung most famously by Louis Armstrong: Hello, Dolly. When activated you will randomly see a lyric from <cite>Hello, Dolly</cite> in the upper right of your admin screen on every page.' (length=295)
          'Author' => string 'Matt Mullenweg' (length=14)
          'AuthorURI' => string '' (length=13)
          'TextDomain' => string '' (length=0)
          'DomainPath' => string '' (length=0)
          'Network' => boolean false
          'Title' => string 'Hello Dolly' (length=11)
          'AuthorName' => string 'Matt Mullenweg' (length=14)
  'active' => 
    array (size=1)
      0 => string 'buddypress/bp-loader.php' (length=24)

Response from the API:

array (size=2)
  'plugins' => 
    array (size=0)
  'translations' => 
    array (size=1)
      0 => 
        array (size=7)
          'type' => string 'plugin' (length=6)
          'slug' => string 'buddypress' (length=10)
          'language' => string 'pt_BR' (length=5)
          'version' => string '1.8' (length=3)
          'updated' => string '2013-08-02 02:07:58' (length=19)
          'package' => string '' (length=68)
          'autoupdate' => boolean true

I remember having a talk with Nacin about how languages are cleared for translation once they meet 100%-translated; maybe this is part of the problem? Could perhaps also be related to the fact that does not properly mirror all of BP's branches? (1.8 and 2.0 are missing)

Happy to provide more details if necessary, and please let me know if I've reported to the wrong place.

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#2 @nacin
10 years ago

If a language is 100% translated for 1.8 and not yet 100% translated for 2.0, then yes, a site will receive the 1.8 translations. I'll re-run the script to ensure all languages 100% translated for 2.0 have a language pack available.*

*There will be a public API to query all of these very soon, like this week.

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10 years ago

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#5 @netweb
10 years ago

Below are the current language packs available for BuddyPress 1.8 and 2.0.
Spanish is the only locale currently offering BP 1.8 translations for BP 2.0

Outstanding/Upcoming BuddyPress translations issues for BuddyPress 2.1 release 17th September 2014:

p.s. I updated the codex with the API links above:

#6 @nacin
10 years ago

I think everything is good here. Things are still being fired manually as we've had a few issues when running these scripts non-interactively and I want to make sure everything works.

#7 @netweb
9 years ago

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This indeed was resolved quite a while ago, marking as fixed

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