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Profiles: Assign badges to WPTV contributors

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We discussed creating profile badges for contributors in today's Community Team meeting.

We need to decide some things before moving forward:

  • What will the badges be? One for moderators and one for reviewers? What about producers?
  • What's the criteria for gaining a badge? Is it based on the number of videos they moderate/review/produce? Does it last forever, or do they need to be an activate contributor? etc

Once those are decided, the next steps would probably be to:

  • Create new dashicons (unless there's an existing one that fits) and pick colors
  • Create association notifier on WPTV (#987 is building the activity notifier).
  • Create association handler on Profiles
  • Update Profiles theme/plugins

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9 years ago

#2 @coffee2code
9 years ago

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#3 @coffee2code
9 years ago

Regarding criteria for the potential badges, the paradigm we've been going with are team badges and contributor badges.

Team badge: This would be whatever criteria the team decides upon to constitute who is on the "team", but it is a badge assigned for the duration of a person's active participation as a member of the team (again, team decides what active means).

Contributor badge: These are permanent badges assigned after some amount of contribution (decided by team). Teams with SVN repos give the badge with any props in a commit.

I'm not familiar the roles employed by the WPTV team to suggest specifics. Moderators at least seem like they should be candidates for both badges. A reviewer (assuming anyone can volunteer to review a video and that this is where the team is trying to get contributors) seems like ideal candidates for the contributor badge (after a reasonably low contribution threshold). The contributor badge doesn't have to only have one criteria, so producers could be a different path to the badge.

#4 @JerrySarcastic
9 years ago

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Thanks for clarifying. We'll be chatting as a team about it next week, and see how we can best sort that out.

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9 years ago

#6 @morganestes
9 years ago

I'd like to suggest including contributors who caption videos. It doesn't seem like there's a way to track who does the captions, though. Since multiple people can work on the same video, either for the same language or for different ones, there may need to be some changes to how the caption process works to track contributions.

#7 @JerrySarcastic
9 years ago

Sorry for adding this late. We did discuss some triggers we think make sense for adding a badge to a user profile. We have two badges we'd like to add, so they are as follows

Contributor Badge - Given to anyone who submits a video to WPTV. Triggered by the producer-username metafield on videos published to WPTV

WPTV team badge - Given only to team members. Best trigger here is if they have a user role of Author, 'Editor, or Admin` on our team blog at

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8 years ago

#9 @coffee2code
8 years ago

Both the ' Team' and ' Contributor' badges have been created.

Both badges were assigned to the users matching the criteria defined above.

I believe the contributor badge is the only one that will need automation, which has not been done yet and is why the ticket remains open.

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6 years ago

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