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#3505 new enhancement

Allow plugin/theme reps to respond to reviews at any time

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Currently, we allow reviewers to edit their review indefinitely, but the topic it self is auto-closed like everything else on the forums.

If a review is edited, the reps have no way of reacting to this if that cutoff date is hit.

Opening up reviews to allow replies at any time for those with commit, contributor or support rep roles with a plugin or theme makes sense, and would of course also mean opening it up to the reviewer to respond to those replies.

The drawback here is that by doing so, we are negating the effect of manually closing a review, which is currently done if a review goes off the rails.

Is this trade off acceptable? If they go off the rails then the user(s) are generally flagged as well as is, this would mean flagging is the only reliable reaction in such a case.

See also #3504 which is related, but doesn't cover the aspect of opening things up after the auto-cutoff.

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4 years ago

#2 @Otto42
4 years ago

It's a year. A whole year. I'm inclined to say no to this given that. Especially since there is discussion about ignoring ratings older than a year or so.

Suggest wontfix.

#3 @dd32
4 years ago

While it's a whole year, IIRC you can only leave one review per plugin, and attempting to rate/review it in the future causes you to edit the year-old review? (The rest of this comment is based on that being the case)

I think there's a middle ground which also fits in to ignoring year old reviews, if you attempt to rate/review a plugin and your old review is now closed, add a new one which replaces it. The previous review stays visible, along with it's rating at the time, but the newer review is what affects the global rating of the theme (which we get automatically by ignoring >1year reviews).

#4 @Clorith
4 years ago

I like the idea of "renewing" a review if it's edited after a period of time, that would allow us to "discard" older unrelated reviews.

It's worth noting that the auto-close is set at 6 months, and not a year, has been that since the forum migration.

This ticket was mentioned in Slack in #forums by clorith. View the logs.

18 months ago

#6 @Ipstenu
18 months ago

A couple thoughts.

If reviewers can change their reviews, then it's not equitable to refuse devs a chance to recover.

On the other hand, I really would not want to see devs replying to a year old review that was NOT recently updated.

Since we do track edits, using the 'last edit' (provided it was by OP) to 'reopen' the review seems fair.

Sidenote: Locking reviews overall to ONLY the OP, moderators, and the plugin/theme reps may stop the brigadeing somewhat. It certainly would stop people from spam promoting their own alternatives :D

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