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Dashicons changelog

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As suggested by @webliberty and @flector on WordPress Russia Slack, it would be handy to have a changelog for Dashicons somewhere on https://developer.wordpress.org/resource/dashicons/.

For example, yes-alt and 12 other icons were added in WordPress 5.2 and are not available in previous versions. Currently there's no easy way to find out which icons are available in which versions.

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#1 @SergeyBiryukov
23 months ago

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#2 @SergeyBiryukov
23 months ago

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#3 @dd32
22 months ago

This feels like something that maybe should be handled directly through https://github.com/WordPress/dashicons first - Dashicons itself has no changelog, so it's hard for the developer docs to add one :)

#5 @casiepa
19 months ago

@dd32 I'm busy creating the changelog based on wp3.8 until 5.5. I will have an array at the end, something like:

$arr_dashicons = array(
//  array( 'name without dashicons', 'font code', 'minimum major wp version', 'active/deprecated' ),
  array( 'admin-appearance', "\f100", '5.0', 'active' ),
  array( 'dashicons-share1', "\f237", '4.1', 'deprecated' ),
  array( 'dashicons-lock-duplicate', "f315", '4.0', 'deprecated' ),

how do you see that fit into https://github.com/WordPress/dashicons ?
and in what format?

/cc @joen

#6 follow-up: @Joen
19 months ago

Hi @casiepa, thanks for the ping.

I don't think we should deprecate any icons, so if icons are missing between versions it's almost certainly an error on my part. Please feel free to open an issue in https://github.com/WordPress/dashicons/issues and CC me, @jasmussen, and I will correct the error!

#7 in reply to: ↑ 6 @casiepa
19 months ago

Replying to Joen:

I don't think we should deprecate any icons

Well, I still think it should be indicated that certain dashicon names should no longer be used. I see this in the dashicons HTML file:

/* This is a typo, but was previously released.
It should remain for backward compatibility. See https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/30832. */

it will still work, but I suppose it should not be seen as active? And

.dashicons-format-links:before {
	content: "\f103";

where f103 has been 'renamed' to dashicons-admin-links.
What do you think @Joen ?

#8 @Joen
19 months ago

Ah sure, of course! I just wanted to clarify that if an icon is missing, or if it moved address in the font file, this is a bug that's important to surface.

Back in the day, the icon font was built manually. Then we moved to grunt-webfont, to automate this. This takes a folder of SVGs and assigns them to unicode address. Part of this switch involved a lot of manual labor of converting existing unicode points from the manually created font into codepoints in a json file. This json file ensures that as grunt-webfont does it work, not only does it assign specific SVGs to the same specific codepoints they were attached to in the manually built font, but also ensures that when newer icons are added, the old addresses aren't overwritten.

That's a lot of technical info, but I share it to note that because this process was manual, it is possible there was human error, and if we find an icon in a specific adress in the old version of the font that has moved places or been deleted in the new version, it's easy and important to fix this, so definitely ping me if you encounter that stuff.

Thanks a lot for all the help.

#9 @casiepa
19 months ago

@Joen @SergeyBiryukov I went over all dashicons.css since wp 3.8, so I can now combine those and create one list with names, codes and versions.

Concerning these 3 below that have 2 names each, I would propose to keep the bold ones as 'main' name (the other is of course accepted/valid but would be secondary in my list). What do you think could be seen as the 'main' name of the two?

f103 : dashicons-admin-links or dashicons-format-links
f109 : dashicons-admin-post or dashicons-format-standard
f119 : dashicons-welcome-write-blog or dashicons-welcome-edit-page

#10 @Joen
19 months ago

I think your suggestion is good — keep the CSS for both names around but suggest the first row as the primary ones. All good there.

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