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#6108 new defect (bug)

Add automated guideline checks and constant feedback to plugin authors about it

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Description (last modified by dd32)

Currently a lot of plugin guidelines are enforced purely through manual processes by reviewers, often in response to complaints/contact from others.

It would be ideal if we had a system similar to Theme Check where automated checks are run over each plugin commit/release.

This could be used to flag serious issues:

  • ERROR: Your plugin name should not include the terms 'WordPress' or 'Plugin'.
  • ERROR: Your plugin name should not need to be 50 words

Feedback on user errors:

  • WARNING: You included 'John Smith' within your 'Contributors:' line in your readme, this should only include usernames of developers, not real names.
  • WARNING: Your plugin slug is 'my-cool-plugin', your textdomain should be the same to be compatible with translations from Detected 'dd-text'.

and less-serious, but annoying things:

  • NOTICE: screenshot-1.png is 4MB in size, consider optimizing it.
  • INFO: Your plugin includes screenshots in the plugin folder, rather than using assets, this results in 5MB extra files within your plugin ZIP.

Due to the different flow for Plugins verse Theme updates, the results of this would need to be handled differently.

My thoughts are a combination of the following:

  • Email to the plugin committers post-version-update
  • Displayed at the top of the Plugins page for plugin committers only
    • and/or Displayed on the Development tab for plugin committers, and everyone else.
  • Logged to a Slack channel, similar to #themereview-firehose and #meta-language-packs

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#1 @dd32
2 years ago

I'm not going to open a new ticket for it right now, but ideally this would also run checks against the Trademark guidelines.

Currently those are only applied upon initial plugin upload, and not on an ongoing basis.

#2 @dd32
2 years ago

  • Description modified (diff)

#3 @dd32
5 months ago

In 13234:

Plugin Directory: Store errors encountered during the plugin import process.

See #6921, #6108.

#4 @dd32
5 months ago

In 13237:

Plugin Directory: Readme: Add a note for when the tags specified have low usage.

See #6108.

#5 @dd32
5 months ago

In 13238:

Plugin Directory: Add warnings generated during a plugin import to an alert on the plugin page to the author.

See #6108, #7477, #6921.

#6 @dd32
4 months ago

In 13443:

Plugin Directory: Store error codes (rather than english error messages) that occur during a plugin import, to allow the errors to be generated with the appropriate translations.

This expands some errors to better highlight what is invalid as well.

See #6108.

#7 @dd32
4 months ago

In 13445:

Plugin Directory: Add missing class import in [13443].

See #6108.

#8 @dd32
4 months ago

In 13446:

Plugin Directory: Readme: Allow the readme parser to be instantiated without parsing a readme.

See [13443].
See #6108.

#9 @dd32
4 months ago

In 13460:

Plugin Directory: Extract the trademark logic from the upload handler, into a generic class for use in the plugin directory.

See #5868, #6108.

#10 @dd32
3 months ago

In 13523:

Plugin Directory: Readme Warnings: Store the list of ignored tags in the readme warnings.

See #6108.

#11 @dd32
3 months ago

In 13524:

Plugin Directory: Fix the display of the 'can't use those tags' warning too.

See #6108, [13523].

#12 @dd32
2 months ago

In 13726:

Plugin Directory: Import: When importing from SVN, if the plugin specifies a Stable Tag that does not exist, and we fall back to trunk, warn them.

See #6380, #6108.
Fixes #5645.

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