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Add Blue Checkmark | Plugin Support Topics

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Currently, plugin support topics are labeled as "Resolved" with a Green checkmark. Unfortunately, plugin developers are also using the Green checkmark as an indicator that they viewed and answered the topic, but did not necessarily resolve it. As a result, when not resolved, topic owners have to reopen the topic or further discuss it with the developer.

Here's one good example:

The above situation causes confusion and frustration amongst plugin users who are searching for a real fix or solution to their issue(s).


Based on the above, I would like to recommend the creation and placement of a Blue checkmark next to the support topic when it has been viewed and answered by the plugin developer. If and when the topic is truly resolved, the topic owner or the developer can then change the topic to "Resolved" (Green checkmark).


  1. Add "answered" to the topic Status dropdown box. Details:
  2. When "answered" is selected, a Blue checkbox is placed next to the support topic.


  1. Eliminate "tug of wars" between the topic owner and plugin developer concerning the final resolution to a plugin issue.
  2. Plugin users can identify and view "real" plugin solutions a lot faster.
  3. Plugin developers will have an option to label topics that have been viewed and answered, but are not resolved or address properly the topic owner's request.


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#1 @alanfuller
9 months ago

There is some merit in this idea.

Plugin developers believe ( rightly ) that the number or % or resolved tickets has some influence in their search position.

'field_value_factor' => [
					'field' => 'support_threads_resolved',
					'factor' => 0.25,
					'modifier' => 'log2p',
					'missing' => 0.5,

So there is motivation to resolve support forum threads.

One massive issue is users ( in my experience > 50% ) don't bother to come back and respond - at all - to the voluntary efforts of the plugin devs - so leaving it unresolved is potentially damaging to the plugin's search results.

Having a 'support responded' flag and using that in the search would be a more realistic measure of whether the plugin support is active.

There is an additional benefit of a 'support responded flag, but only if it is turned off if the user responds after. Currently plugin devs also set the resolved flag when the user has not come back so they have an easy way to see they don't have to keep reviewing the topic.

#2 @generosus
9 months ago

Hey @alanfuller,

Excellent feedback. Hoping the information we both presented herein will motivate Team WordPress to implement this enhancement (or similar).

Thank you.

#3 follow-up: @sabernhardt
9 months ago

If an icon in the Topics column means something other than "Resolved," it would need a different icon than the checkmark. Color should not be the only way to distinguish meanings of visual elements (see use of color).

I suggest making some indication in the Last Post column instead, such as adding a note next to the username when that user is an author of the plugin.

#4 in reply to: ↑ 3 @alanfuller
9 months ago

Replying to sabernhardt:

when that user is an author of the plugin.

Or plugin support rep, not just author

#5 @mujuonly
9 months ago

+1 That would be very helpful

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9 months ago

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