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Set the codex to readonly

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The codex has, for the most part, been migrated to HelpHub and DevHub now, and it's primarily a matter of setting up redirects, and clearing out spam that requires edits on the codex.

In light of this, I'm proposing we look at making the Codex readonly to avoid further edits that may fragment the imports already made, and to prevent spam edits. This doesn't need to be done in a week (although that would be nice ;) ), but setting a clear cutoff date seems reasonable and sets expectations.

I don't know how old our MediaWiki setup is so I don't know if we have these features, but my thought was:

  • Set it to readonly
  • Use the moderation feature to add users doing migration so they can keep adding redirects and removing the spam that's already there spread within the pages as it's discovered.

Change History (7)

#1 @tobifjellner
16 months ago

It would probably be good to add some kind of site-wide clearly visible banner with information that Codex now isn't getting updates.

#2 @fierevere
16 months ago

It will be nice to still allow edits (Use the moderation feature to...) for all current Rosetta Locale managers

#3 @SergeyBiryukov
16 months ago

Please note that Codex has a significant amount of translated content and locale-specific pages.

And redirects from Codex to Rosetta sites are currently blocked: #2575.

As long as there's still no clear plan for HelpHub translations (if there is, please correct me), could we make sure the translated content still has a place and can be edited, at least until #2575 is resolved?

#4 @Clorith
16 months ago

There is already a rollout plan at https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/2019/02/25/helphub-localisation-plan/ and given it's been 3 months, it would probably be good to get some input on the progression there (cc @kenshino).

I definitely get your point about locale-specific pages, I have done some quick checking, and in the past 90 days, the outtake is (in no particular order):

  • A few people using the Talk feature to try and get support and/or backlinks
  • HelpHub redirects added
  • Edits to English articles by various individuals, these should all be on HelpHub by now and means someone should probably double-check the content now?
  • Edits to function references (which are all on DevHub and have been for some time)
  • Edits to .org specific references (API descriptions, perhaps these should get an official space on DevHub?)
  • Various kinds of spam edits or page/profile creations
  • One rosetta page created, not counting the Talk feature

I do, however, agree we should get #2575 sorted, as a requirement for the migration to move forward, we should probably bump the importance of that.

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